Body Flow Express

BODY FLOW EXPRESS is a 45 minute lunchtime class that means you can get your body moving and do something good in your lunch break. A pure Reform class that will leave you feeling strong, mobile and ready for the rest of your day. Please see below for availability or visit our CLASS TIMES page for our […]

Body Flow

BODY FLOW covers our Pilates mat sessions. These classes are the perfect compliment to any fitness routine, whether you are a runner, gym goer, child chaser or desk worker – these classes are the perfect balance of strength and stretch that will challenge your body and your mind. Please see below for availability or visit […]


Gold Membership: Our premium Membership allows you to attend: 2 x Body Work classes and 1 x Body Maintenance class per week any time or day that suits you. Silver Membership: Our Silver level membership allows you to attend: 2 x Body Work classes and 1 x Body Maintenance class per week any day of the […]

Body Work

We run a variety of BODY WORK classes that will ensure your whole body is challenged. BODY WORK classes are suitable for people that are pain and injury free. Classes include: Control TPW Control classes are a slower paced workout, ideal for perfecting the finer details of Pilates. It includes simple exercises that are built upon […]

Body Work Circuit

Body Work Circuit classes are fun, energetic and focus on a specific theme or movement pattern each week that will give your workout a clear direction and purpose. If you want to be mindful about the way your body moves, then this is the class for you! Previous Pilates experience is recommended.  The exercises you complete […]

Body Work Reform

Do you LOVE the Pilates Reformer? Then BODY WORK REFORM classes are for you! These are general classes with all clients completing the same series of exercises at the same time and are suitable for people that are pain and injury free. BODY WORK REFORM classes give you a comprehensive workout leaving your body feeling energised and strong. A […]

Body Flow Mat

BODY FLOW MAT classes are suitable for absolute beginners right through to the more athletic types, but are not suitable for those with acute injuries. During these sessions we teach the basics of muscle recruitment, pelvic position and breathing – all the foundation components that are so important in the Pilates method. Then as your class progresses, […]

Body Repair

BODY REPAIR classes are one-on-one sessions where your instructor is totally devoted to getting the best results possible from your body each hour we see you in the studio.* You may opt to do these sessions if you have specific sporting goals, are rehabilitating post surgery or perhaps if you just like a little more attention to detail. BODY REPAIR ensures […]

Start Up

Anyone who wishes to join Body Repair or Body Maintenance classes is required to complete a Start Up first. – THIS IS A SERIES OF 3 PRIVATE LESSONS. Just like a mechanic would if you took your car in for a service, in our START UP we ‘look under the hood’ and start to determine where […]

Body Work Jump

Want to have fun and get fit? Then this class is for YOU! Try our BODY WORK JUMP classes, designed to elevate your heart rate, work up a sweat and challenge your co-ordination.Your body and your mind will feel the burn while still paying close attention to detail and focusing on the principles of Pilates. This […]

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