Meet the team

We are a small team of friendly instructors with a deep passion for the Pilates method and the benefits it brings to those that practice.

Tamara O'Reilly

As a busy mother and Pilates geek to the CORE, Tam loves anything fun, food, family and fitness! She’s been practicing Pilates for over 20 years and understands that each individual’s needs are different, no two bodies are the same – this keeps her on her toes every day in the studio!

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Lani Finnane

Lani has recently moved to Wollongong from the Blue Mountains and is currently studying Exercise Science. She loves human movement and enjoys bringing all aspects of her learning together to help people move  and feel better. 

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Jana Keys

Jana is passionate about the positive and empowering effect Pilates can have on a body. She loves that as an exercise, Pilates is non-discriminatory and holistic, it is suitable for any age, body type and most health issues.

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Bec Anderson

Pilates has been around Bec since she used to dance. She’s always loved the discipline and control of the mind-body connection. Bec also loves that Pilates compliments many other fitness regimes, whether professional or recreational.

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Therese James

With a background in group fitness and personal training, Therese has always been involved in fitness in some form or other. When she started Pilates it was the precision and control that appealed to her most!

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Allira Fialkowski

Growing up as 1 of 6 kids, Allira was always encouraged to stay active. Nothing has changed now as she juggles teaching and self practice with chasing 2 young boys! 

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Jacoba Brunton

For Jacoba, Pilates ensures she has both a stable body and a relaxed mind. She is dedicated to her clients and aims to teach every person to understand the way in which their body should move!

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Whitney Geoghegan

I believe my purpose in this lifetime is to help women find self-love and empowerment. I love being able to watch my clients transform and blossom into the person they have always dreamt of being.

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Belinda - Front desk.

With a background in nursing, Bel is an avid book reader and mum of 2. Her weekends are often spent having sneaky dates with hubby at local establishments that provide chilled music to relax and unwind.

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Tamara (Tamra)

Owner | Balanced Body Master Instructor

A Bit About Me. 

As a busy mother and Pilates geek to the CORE, I love anything fun, food, family and fitness! After a successful career in dance and circus I made the permanent change to teaching Pilates in 2008. Nearly 20 years after first starting Pilates I still discover something new everyday, either within my own practice or by teaching my wonderful clients.

Up until July 2014 I ran my own studio in London and enjoyed Pilates workshops and conferences in Europe, the UK and America.

Now Wollongong is home and I look forward to sharing just how wonderful Pilates can make YOU feel! 

Why Pilates?

Because I LOVE it! I am so lucky to have a job that I truly enjoy, I figure if we have to go to work every day, we may as well love what we do. 

I have experienced first hand the benefits of Pilates on so many levels – as a young dancer with back pain, learning to find balance within my body and working hard to avoid injury. Then experiencing the rehabilitation side after bilateral knee reconstructions in 2003, and more recently it’s healing effects after the birth of my two children.

Outside The Studio…

I love to travel and spend time with my husband, and children. We recently moved back to Australia after 4 years in London so we are making the most of the outdoors and fabulous Aussie weather. 

Anything Else We Should Know?

I love getting to know my clients and discovering what they want to gain from their sessions. I believe no two bodies are the same and each person needs nurturing to reach their full potential. 

I enjoy working with a wide range of clients; helping postnatal mums reconnect with their body after giving birth and teaching them how to work safely, all the way to professional athletes looking to improve their game – and everyone in between!


  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT).
  • Comprehensive Teacher Training course Body Arts and Science International (BASI – USA) and Ulysses Pilates (Australia)
  • Women’s Wellness specialist (Diastasis Recti, Pelvic dysfunction, Menopause)
  • Master Instructor for Balanced Body Teacher Training. 
  • Certified BLACKROLL instructor.
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110).
  • Pilates on Tour class presenter and PAA conference presenter.


Pilates Instructor | Balanced Body Master Instructor

A Bit About Me.

I have just moved down to Wollongong from the Blue Mountains and begun my long journey at University, studying Exercise Science and hoping to master in Exercise Physiology and possibly Physiotherapy.

I love human movement, I want to bring all aspects of my learning together to help people move better and feel better.

My love for movement started as a young girl when I began vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) and developed through sports, horse riding and then personal fitness as I got older.

I believe in the power to heal oneself and hope to enable this power within my clients.

Why Pilates?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PILATES! It has taught me so much about my body and myself. Coming from injuries and having a very hyper- mobile body, Pilates has helped me heal my body and calm my mind. In my 5 years of practice I have developed strength beyond what I even understood possible. Pilates makes me feel taller, stronger, more open and clear minded. I have experienced the wonders of Pilates for my own body and I know it can help so many others, and that is what I love to do, use Pilates as a method to enable others to feel their own strength and beauty that is within.

Outside The Studio…

I love anything outdoors! Feeling significantly insignificant in the ocean, climbing to the tops of mountains to see the wonders below, traveling, horse riding and Pilates in the sunshine are definitely some of my favourite things outside the studio.

I love hosting Wellness weekend/day retreats, the feeling of guiding so many people to unwind and ground themselves with special activities, delicious food in the spectacular Australian outback is truly rewarding.

Anything Else We Should Know?

I love watching my clients succeed. I believe in movement therapy and being able to take control of your mind and body. I take the time to make sure all of my clients understand what they are doing and how their body works so they get the most out of it throughout their daily lives. I bring a Pilates zing to my personal training sessions too because remember, it’s quality not quantity!


  • 10567NAT Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy
  • Master Instructor for Balanced Body Teacher Training. 
  • Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210)
  • Pilates Matwork
  • Certificate of Diet & Nutrition – Principles of Healthy Eating.
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science


Pilates Instructor

A Bit About Me.

Initially I followed a creative path establishing a successful career in Fashion Design. But sitting at a desk 10+ hrs a day was ruining my health physically and mentally. I was looking for something more, something that would have a lasting positive effect on my soul as well as others. I wanted to do something that in some way made a difference, which helped people.

I had practiced Pilates and Yoga for years, it became my balance, my solace to my hectic working life and before long I decided I had to make the change and I haven’t looked back!

Why Pilates?

I am passionate about the positive and empowering effect Pilates can have on a body and I’m a strong advocate for the importance of taking charge of your own physical and mental health and creating the future you choose.

Through practicing Pilates, I have seen the results in my own body. Not just in strength and fitness but also combating the negative effects of a desk job, relieving stress and anxiety, as well as managing the varying effects pregnancy has on your body Pre & Post Natal.

I love that as an exercise, Pilates is non-discriminatory and holistic, it is suitable for any age, body type and most health issues. You can rewire years and years of unhealthy patterns imprinted in the body and turn your life around, decrease pain and improve your quality of life. Chronic pain is something nobody should have to live with and I have seen the benefits of practicing Pilates and its ability to alleviate pain in a way that is sustainable.

Outside The Studio…

Friends and family are the most important thing to me, which help me maintain a work/life balance. You will always find me with my husband and daughter at the park or beach. I love the outdoors, the sun, the surf, just making the most of the beautiful area we are lucky to live in here on the South Coast of NSW.

I have a love for travel, Yoga helps me find me Zen and being a creative I still try to find the time to paint & illustrate – although these days with a Toddler Play-Doh sculptures & finger-painting are generally the extent of my masterpieces.

Anything Else We Should Know?

I really love getting to know my clients and sharing in their journey towards achieving personal goals. I place great importance on my client’s time; this is YOUR session, YOUR body. Each person is unique, my classes are individually tailored to what you want out of your session…and we have fun!

I’m dedicated to continuing education and training. I love to learn and challenge myself. With knowledge comes power- the power to give more back to my clients. I am particularly interested in Pilates for Women’s health, Pre & Post Natal, general rehabilitation and Pilates for the aging population.


  • Level 2 Comprehensive Teacher Training in Pilates Movement Therapy
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate


Pilates Instructor 

A Bit About Me. 

I’ve grown up, gone to school and lived back and forth all my life in between two different countries, California, USA and Cambridge, UK. I’ve been a dancer most my life, performing in ballets as a child, and was eventually accepted into a performing arts school in England when I was 17, acquiring my diploma some 3 years later. ThereI found my love for Contemporary dance and eventually danced my way around Europe in a contemporary company for a number of years amongst other shows all around the UK in between. One of my dancing gigs brought me to Australia in1998 and I never looked back. Moving here permanently in 2000, I continued to dance in Sydney but moved to Wollongong when I had my daughter. Here I met my current husband and have inherited two bonus sons. Family life keeps me very busy!

Why Pilates?

Pilates has always been around me since I used to dance. I’ve always loved the discipline and control of the mind-body connection with dance and felt Pilates was much the same. The versatility of Pilates has always amazed and interested me. The spectrum is vast, either being used as a super hard workout, or a much gentler, specific, rehabilitation approach. I also love the fact that Pilates compliments many other fitness regimes, whether professional or recreational.

 I feel it is an accessible commodity to absolutely everybody, and can be specifically tailored to suit any ‘body’, at any point or time in their life.

Outside The Studio…

I love to travel and always have itchy feet, whether it’s a road trip or trip overseas. I can’t live without the sun, sand and a good barbie with friends. I’m also a bit of a nerd and star gaze with my NASA app, following the ISS (International Space Station) around the night skies. Oh, and even though I am married with 3 teenagers, I’m a self-confessed, crazy cat lady.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Meaningful movement! It’s so important to me that my clients have an understanding of why they’re doing a particular exercise or movement, so they can relate it back to it’ sparticular function in everyday life. I find this crossover very important with everyone I work with. I want to empower everyone with their own tools so they can take control and help themselves have a better quality of life.


  • Diploma in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre
  • Post Grad in Professional Dance and Performing Arts
  • Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness (SRF3026 / SRF40206) 
  • Level 2 APMA Teacher Training in Pilates (registration: LI2-15055) 
  • Barre Attack Instructor, Level 1
  • First Aid and CPR qualified


Pilates Instructor

A Bit About Me. 

Originally from Wollongong, I have just recently moved back into the area after a sea change, 9 years ago, moved my family  (husband, two daughters) from Sydney to Jamberoo.  We are now happily settled in Bulli and I’m never moving again!

I’ve travelled extensively and have had quite a diverse working life in both the corporate and hospitality sectors which included running my own small restaurant, in Sydney’s Martin Place, prior to having my children (and then they went and changed everything  )

I’ve always been involved in fitness in some form or other.  My own training has taken me from being an aerobics “tragic” in the 80’s (lycra and leg warmers whilst doing high kicks – what’s not to love!) to strength training, distance running, tennis, running again, and then a Taekidokai martial arts obsessive which took me to instructor level.  I formally started working in the fitness industry 9 years ago, alongside our move to the south coast.

Why Pilates?

The precision and control required for each movement is what really appeals to me about Pilates, and the ability to create great mental focus and physical strength within one discipline. 

While always being a constant that I returned to over the years, Pilates took on a greater significance for me when I began working with senior clients in my capacity as a personal trainer.  I could see the benefits Pilates would bring to my clients lives both physically and emotionally (as it had my own whilst recovering from fitness related injuries).  I wanted to expand further my ongoing fitness education and decided to fully invest in Pilates full-time. 

Outside The Studio…

I love being outdoors and any weekend can find me on a challenging walk, paddleboarding, or my motorbike (and sometimes, very reluctantly, in the garden).  Music, good food and wine, play an integral part of my home and social life, although I now much prefer to watch my husband cook – he’s pretty good. I, also, have a dance background – I have been dancing in the kitchen for years (much to the horror of my teenagers).  

Anything Else We Should Know?

I’m a Pilates zealot and love that Pilates can improve every body. The potential for anyone to better themselves through Pilates is what makes it a great practice for all. It is so easy to fit into any lifestyle, so no excuses accepted! 


  • Level 2 Certificate Matwork and Small Apparatus (Dip of Professional Pilates Instruction) PITC
  • Level 2 Certificate Comprehensive Reformer (Dip of Pilates Professional Instruction) PITC 
  • Cert IV Fitness (SIS4020) Australian Institute of Personal Trainers 
  • Member of the Pilates Alliance Australia 
  • Certificate First Aid and CPR 


Pilates Instructor

A Bit About Me. 

I have lived in Wollongong my whole life. As a child my parents encouraged my four brothers, one sister and I (yes, I am one of six kids) to participate in sports. This meant they were forever being a taxi driver chauffeuring us around to our various sports.
My passion was gymnastics – training & competing for 8 years up to level 7. I also did Little Athletics in my free time.
My very first job was as a gymnastics coach which I started at age 15 and continued on and off for about 8 years, whilst juggling a full time job in sales & advertising. Then it was time for a change, exhausted from the long hours and too tired to look after myself physically and mentally. I quit my job to take time out for myself and reassess the next chapter in my life. Four years later I have two beautiful boys which keep me active and busy.  
A year ago I started a full time course studying for my Diploma in Pilates.

Why Pilates?

I was always interested in Pilates from my early twenties, doing it here and there, at home watching Pilates DVDs and even doing a couple of classes at a studio, but my long hours seemed to always pull me away. Having a background in gymnastics coaching I wanted to pursue a career in fitness and instructing that both challenged me physically and mentally which I also enjoyed and Pilates was the perfect fit. When the opportunity came up to become a Pilates instructor I didn’t think twice.

Outside The Studio…

I love being outdoors – going to the beach, for adventure walks, exploring new areas that I’ve never been to. I also have an adrenaline side to me – I’ve been skydiving and whitewater rafting but that has all changed since having kids. Now I enjoy taking them outside to the beach, bike rides and also to playground. I don’t have much time for anything else.

Anything Else We Should Know?

I love learning new things especially reading up on health and wellness, an occasionally trying my hand at cooking “clean foods” even though I’m not much of a cook, my partner does majority of it.
I  have also developed an interest and would like to pursue further studies in injury management with Pilates.


  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) – currently studying.    


Pilates Instructor

A Bit About Me. 

After being an avid beach-bum for the last 3 years in Tuross Head, a small coastal town located 4 hours south of Sydney, I recently decided to move to Wollongong  solely to develop my understanding of the Pilates method and broaden my knowledge of movement, body variation and mind-body connection, that teaches me, how best to teach my clients and achieve ongoing results.

Why Pilates?

Pilates has been apart of my own strength, stretch and stability relationship with my own body; forever teaching me new and wonderful aspects of human movement, whilst having come to the realization that developing ways in which having a stable and secure body also relaxes and frees the mind. Pilates makes me feel aware, engaged and powerful! I believe in being responsible for your own well-being both physically and mentally and going after the path you want to follow through the short experience we call life. I would encourage anyone, of any age, to give Pilates a go. There is something in Pilates for everyone. 

Outside The Studio…

Outside the studio I spend most of my time at the beach, socialising with friends or spending quality time with my family. I love anything outdoors and am willing to give anything a go!

Anything Else We Should Know?

I am dedicated to my clients, I want each and every person to know and feel the way in which their body moves! I love feedback and aim to get the best out of each and every session. I believe strong foundations are the building blocks for all furthered movement, and therefore I often bring it back to basics, just to remind ourselves of the core muscles and engagement of the body.


  • Pilates Mat Work certification 2018
  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT)


Yoga Instructor

A bit about me….

I believe my purpose in this lifetime is to help women find self-love and empowerment. After spending nine years of my life consumed by eating disorders, negative body image and trying to run away from my own mind, I spent a lot of time healing and going on my own journey of self-love. I have finally reached a place where I have been able to turn my pain into my greatest gift. 

As I now work with women helping them heal their relationship with food and exercise guiding them to view their health as mind-body- soul connection, find self-love and lead a life they love. I do this by using a combination of Yoga, Muay Thai and Health coaching.

Why Yoga…

I completed my yoga teacher training in Bali 2018. I personally believe yoga has profound healing benefits not only for the body but the mind and the soul, I have been able to experience these effects myself.

After being so disconnected from my body, constantly injured, suffered with depression at times and was very much tapped into my masculine energy because of training a lot of Muay Thai. I desperately needed to find my balance, become more in-tune with my body and yoga has allowed me to do that.

It has helped me find a softness I never knew I had, allowed me to slow my mind, control my breathe, giving me a new appreciation for my body and really feel what is going on internally. It is my perfect yin to my yang and has helped me heal on so many levels. Now I only hope to be able to teach others and give them the opportunity to experience the same.

My favourite style of yoga is Yin and Vinyasa.

Outside the studio

I am a bit of a free spirit with a wild heart and see life as one big adventurous journey so I am always jetting off and traveling the world, I have lived in both Bali and Thailand. 

You will find me either training Muay Thai, enjoying a good coffee, going out for brunch or off on a adventure. I am constantly learning or educating myself so I will always have a book in my hand, studying or listening to podcasts. I am a MAJOR  self-love advocate and I run workshops and events on a Sunday where I combine all of my passions – Yoga, Muay thai, Holistic Health, Food, Empowerment and Self-love into one. Raising awareness surrounding eating disorders, mental health and body image.

Anything else we should know?

To me the greatest gift on earth is being able to give back and help others. So I love being able to watch my clients transform and blossom into the person they have always dreamt of being. Where they realise how truly unique they are and how special that is. I take the time to make sure my clients get my full attention, to make sure their needs are met by experiencing a complete individual mind, body, soul approach in my yoga class.


  • 200hr YTT Yoga Instructor – Upaya Yoga School 
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition 
  • Cert III & IV in FITNESS – Australian Institute of Personal Training
  • Boxing & Muay Thai Trainer. 


Front Desk

A Bit About Me. 

Originally a country girl from Bathurst who moved to the Illawarra chasing love. Guess things worked out OK as I’ve been with my husband for 25+ years and together we have created a little family which I believe is my greatest achievement. I have a nursing background but more recently worked as receptionist/facilities assistant for a Global IT Company based in the gong with approx 140 employees.

Outside The Studio…

I love New Zealand, well New Zealand wines……….I’m also an avid book reader and member of a bookclub. My weekends are often spent having sneaky dates with hubby at local establishments providing chilled music to relax and unwind.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Friends call me Bel or B and I’m looking forward to being part of The Pilates Workshop family and hope to brighten everyone’s day with a smiling face or friendly voice when you come in or call. I love cooking for family and friends and have also been known to bring treats to the workplace. You will all find me happy to help out however I can so please don’t hesitate to ask, or even just hit me up if you’re after a recommendation on a good book.


  • Advanced Certificate in Nursing, Enrolled Nurse
  • Occupational Health and Safety Trained
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