Frequently Asked Questions

In the early 20th century, a German man by the name of Joseph Pilates created the method (originally called Contrology).

 In short, Pilates is a full body workout that focuses on recruiting deep muscles to support the body with an emphasis on correct muscles working which in turn means the body moves efficiently without compensation.

Pilates will help you build strength from the inside out, reducing pain and retraining lazy muscles and movement patterns. It can be performed on the floor or on a variety of machines using springs as resistance.

EVERYONE!! Pilates really can benefit everybody, but like all forms of exercise, not everyone will love it as much as we do!

Our instructors are experienced in working with a wide range of clients, a few of these populations include:

Rehabilitating Clients: whether it is a disc condition, hip replacement, knee reconstruction or any other surgery, we can help you strengthen and rebalance to get you back on your feet.

 Sports Professionals: Pilates will help with injury management and prevention, improved game, correct muscle recruitment, efficient movement patterns and flexibility. If you want to better your game – no matter what you play – then Pilates is for you!

Men: Pilates is NOT just for women! It was initially designed by a man, ONLY for men. Come and see just how much of a workout it can be!

Mummies: Need to lose that excess baby weight? Pelvic floor issues? Abdominal separation? SPD? Or just need an hour away from the kids? We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Mature clients: As we get older, feeling strong and stable on your feet will prevent unnecessary falls and accidents. Pilates directly helps with balance, proprioception and muscular strength.

Dancers/Gymnasts: The method was first developed and designed for dancers, so the benefits are endless!

There are endless benefits to practicing the Pilates method, some of the main differences you will notice are:

  • Improved posture and decrease in pain caused by poor movement patterns.
  • Stronger core and a flatter tummy.
    Increased flexibility and joint mobility.
  • Greater body awareness and breath control.
  • Better co-ordination and balance.
  • Improved circulation, bone density and lung capacity.

During your Starter Pack we will ask you about your exercise history, current injuries/areas of concern and determine what your goals are for your sessions. From here your instructor will take you through a short series of movements to determine any restrictions or tightness in your body.

Then the fun starts as we show you the basics of Pilates, including breathing, alignment and correct muscle recruitment. You will get to experience the equipment and how it assists (or challenges) you throughout your session.

If you wish to attend a group reformer class there is no need to complete a Starter Pack, however, you are more than welcome if you so desire. We require you attend three BEGINNER reformer classes initially (if you haven’t done Pilates before) to learn the fundamentals of Pilates and how to adjust the machine. These classes move a little more slowly than regular classes and give you opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

**Please be aware that Pilates is a very hands on method, your instructor will often correct your alignment using their hands and tactile cues, if you are not comfortable with this please let us know**

Like any sport or hobby, the more you practice the better you get. We suggest 2-3 sessions per week with a mixture of studio and home workouts.

We understand time and finances don’t always allow for 3 studio sessions per week, so why not get us to write you a home program? If you want to feel a difference you MUST do the work! You can also visit our Youtube channel for a huge range of home exercises you can do whenever suits you.

Yes! There is no reason why Pilates cannot be done during pregnancy; in fact, many women notice an improved birth experience compared to previous pregnancies after they have taken class.

 We do ask that you talk to us about details/complications of current or previous pregnancies, and if you become pregnant after beginning class with us, it is important you let us know so we can adjust your program accordingly.

All classes at THE PILATES WORKSHOP are 60 minutes long (with the exception of the Express classes which are 45 mins). We feel this is the perfect amount of time to work hard and keep things flowing without taking up too much of your day.

Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. Tighter fitting clothing is preferable as it allows instructors to better see your body and movement.

We have a socks only policy, so please remember to bring a clean pair or you can purchase a pair of non-slip socks from the studio. No shoes are needed for class.

Although you wont “see” a difference after the first session, it is expected that your thought process may be changed, even just a little. “How am I standing?” “Are my abdominals switched on?” and “Oh no, look at my posture!” could be a few things that cross your mind.

 What we teach you in the studio must be applicable to everyday life, otherwise, what’s the point? Pilates, after all, is functional movement training.

 The amount of time it takes to notice a difference varies for each individual, although we expect that you will notice a difference (particularly in your tummy muscles) after about 10 sessions.

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