Getting Started...

You have two options to choose from when getting started at TPW.

Offer 1

Sign up for 2 weeks of Unlimited Body Work & Body Flow classes to find your favourite class and instructor. This includes Jump, Reform, Circuit, Mama, Yoga and Mat! 

Plus if you LOVE your classes and wish to sign up for a membership – you’ll receive $50 off a Body Work or Body Flow membership if you sign up within the 2 weeks.

2 consecutive weeks for just $50. *For clients with no injuries*

Offer 2

Our Start Up Pack gives you 3 x Private Sessions to learn the basics of Pilates and allows our instructors to see your body move and write your personalised program that will target your individual goals. 

PLUS we give you a FREE goal setting session to sit down and chat about what you really want to get out of each and every studio visit going forward.

3 x Private Sessions & 1 x Goal Setting Session for $235 


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MEMBERSHIPS - something for everyone.

Once you have finished one of the introductory packages listed above, we have a range of memberships that will keep you accountable, on track with your goals and make sure you keep moving forward every time we see you in the studio. There is something to suit all budgets, from as little as $17/week. 

Please contact us at for more information on our memberships.

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