Body Repair

BODY REPAIR classes are one-on-one sessions where your instructor is totally devoted to getting the best results possible from your body each hour we see you in the studio.*

You may opt to do these sessions if you have specific sporting goals, are rehabilitating post surgery or perhaps if you just like a little more attention to detail.

BODY REPAIR ensures you work exactly how YOU need to. We continue to work on your specific program, progressing and advancing when the time is right. If YOU are committed to you, then so are WE! Let’s work together and achieve the best possible results.

Please see below for availability or visit our CLASS TIMES page for our current timetable.

* Please note it is necessary to complete a START UP prior to doing BODY REPAIR sessions.

“I love my Body Repair classes as they are a key part of my fitness efforts and injury rehab. While I’m not shy to do exercise – I’m prone to getting a little lax with technique and at times doing too much of the wrong thing. All of the instructors at TPW are exceptional at keeping me on track and challenged; and carefully manage my special requirements. I once made the mistake of stopping Pilates… and 3 months later paid the price when my body started to tell me it wasn’t happy. Coming to Pilates makes me feel like I’m achieving something and keeps me positive.” – Lisa

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