Body Work

We run a variety of BODY WORK classes that will ensure your whole body is challenged.

BODY WORK classes are suitable for people that are pain and injury free.

Classes include:


TPW Control classes are a slower paced workout, ideal for perfecting the finer details of Pilates. It includes simple exercises that are built upon as the session progresses, ensuring you build a strong Pilates practice with super solid foundations.


Flow is your go to class if you’re looking for an awesome Reformer workout. Lots of fun Pilates exercises taught with tones of attention to detail, this is your one stop full body sesh, a medium paced workout.


The fastest paced of our classes at TPW, our Tempo sessions are for those who know their way around a Reformer. These upbeat classes incorporate awesome exercise flows, harder transitions and complex movements, leaving you feeling every muscle has worked. Not suitable for those who are new to Pilates.


Pilates interval training brings all your favourite Pilates exercises and combines them with higher impact cardio bursts. This is the perfect session for you if you’re looking to get your heart rate up and get a sweat on. PIT is tough but super fun, we get you moving to some old school beats as well.


Adding some cardio work and dynamic movement flows, our Jump classes are always a crowd pleaser. Suitable for all levels.


Calling all mums and mums-to-be!
This hour is designed especially for your changing body to keep you safe, strong and mobile. Whether you’re getting ready for the birth of your little one or wanting to reconnect post birth, we have your back and know exactly how to look after you.


During these sessions we teach the basics of muscle recruitment, pelvic position and breathing – all the foundation components that are so important in the Pilates method. Then as your class progresses, the challenge begins to build, as well.

Stretch and Roll

FREE for all TPW members, this session fills up fast because it is the movement and release your body has been craving! Designed to iron out kinks and tension, we use a variety of massage, myofascial release and mobility exercises to help you increase range in all movements.

Please see below for availability or visit our CLASS TIMES page for our current timetable.

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