Body Work Reform

Do you LOVE the Pilates Reformer? Then BODY WORK REFORM classes are for you! These are general classes with all clients completing the same series of exercises at the same time and are suitable for people that are pain and injury free.

BODY WORK REFORM classes give you a comprehensive workout leaving your body feeling energised and strong. A maximum of 8 clients per class.

Please see below for availability or visit our CLASS TIMES page for our current timetable.

“Having never tried Pilates before I shopped around various studios in Wollongong, trying a couple before discovering The Pilates Workshop (TPW). After my first session with Tamara I knew I had found my place. Tam’s patience, guidance and forever smiling face put me well at ease and I just loved the calm ambience of the studio.

For the past 3 months I have been attending Group Reformer classes and I LOVE them. All the teachers are knowledgeable, professional and a lot of fun. I really enjoy the small class numbers as you receive a lot of individual attention and I like how there is variety in the exercises you do in each class, making every single reformer class different. After class I love how I feel energised and somehow ‘lighter’ and ‘taller’.

After 3 months I feel so much stronger, especially in my legs and knees. I literally jump out of bed now where before I had to tread carefully, taking a few steps to ‘oil up’. I can put jeans on without falling over, walk down stairs without hanging on and I can get up off the floor without using my hands. Being able to do these little things has given me my confidence back and makes me feel younger, which is awesome!

I’m just so glad I found Tam and her team at TPW. I’m excited with the progress I have made so far under their tuition and plan on continuing for a long time with them to see what else I can do.

If you are thinking of taking up Pilates then I can highly recommend TPW – Louise

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