Stand up for good health.

computer posture

There is no denying our bodies are biologically designed to be mobile, they are not made for our modern day sedentary lifestyles. But in reality its 2015, and we as a race, spend a LOT of time sat on our behinds! Work, commuting, gaming and television all have a big influence on how we spend our day and this in turn has more negative effects on our bodies than we may wish to admit.

It is not just the postural aches that you might inevitably suffer from, stiff neck, hunched shoulders, poor posture and bad back. What about the function of our internal organs and muscle atrophy that occurs as a result of sitting for extended periods? Not to mention the increased risk of things such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and cancer. (Scientists have now named this ‘sitting disease’ – James Levine, MD,PhD) This doesn’t sound like a fun day in the office at all.

But I hit the gym every other day so I’m ok, right?

Actually – wrong.

According to recent research, apparently it isn’t enough for us to be physically active outside of the office chair, we need to reduce the amount of time we are sat still without getting up. The suggested interval is every 30-60 minutes.

How on earth will I get any work done if I need to go for a walk every half an hour?!

bad posture

The good news is, it only takes 90 seconds of standing and being mobile to start to reverse the damages done by sitting still. That means you only need to walk to the printer, go to the loo or take a walk to a co-workers desk for a chat (instead of sending an email!) If we are conscious about making these little changes, even for a few short moments of movement, our bodies will thank us and inevitably last longer too.

The scary thing is realizing how early these bad habits start forming (my 2.5 year old springs to mind here) The amount of hours some children and teenagers spend in front on computers, television and iPads at a young age is really setting a pattern for the years ahead. I just think of them with their slumped posture and little chins jutting forward – oh their poor spines!!

So let’s do something good for our bodies today and get moving! We need to fundamentally change the way we are as a society and reduce our sedentary time to live healthier, longer lives.

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