Balanced Body® Mat Instructor Training

From fundamentals to advanced movement, and wide array of variations inbetween!


Includes Movement Principles, Mat 1, Mat 2 and Mat 3  $2900



Movement Principles, 20 Pilates studio sessions.


Mat 1 (16 hours)

Mat 1 includes an introduction to the history and principles of the Pilates method and the beginning and intermediate level exercises. Each exercise includes training on modifications, challenges, the purpose of the exercise and any precautions for injuries and special populations. How to design and teach group classes and guidelines for teaching seniors and pre and post–natal classes are included.


Mat 2 (16 hours)

Mat 2 teaches the remaining intermediate and advanced level Mat exercises for a complete understanding of the Pilates Mat program. Lectures include progressive skill development to achieve the advanced exercises, programming for intermediate and advanced classes and suggestions for creating successful Mat classes.


Mat 3 – Enhanced Mat and Props (16 hours)
Mat 3 can be taken for continuing education credits or simply to add infinite variety to your current Mat programming. Students who have taken Mat training, either from Balanced Body or another provider are welcome.
Mat 3 completes the mat training by adding rings, rollers, bands and balls to the traditional Mat exercises. In addition, it includes functional exercises for the upper and lower body expanding the Mat work beyond the core to develop whole body strength and flexibility. 

Adding props to a mat class makes them more dynamic, creative and accessible and clients love toys!


The cost for MAT TRAINING is $2900. 

MAT 1, MAT 2 and MAT 3 are also available as stand alone modules for any practitioner as continued education. Contact us for prices.

Mat Program Includes:

  • * Instruction in the complete pre–Pilates and Balanced Body Mat exercises.
  • * A detailed, full colour manual for each module with online videos (optional) to enhance your learning experience.
  • * Mat class design and delivery based on the Movement Principles.
  • * Development of cueing, coaching and teaching skills.
  • * Safety information for teaching older adults, pre and post–natal women, and clients with back, knee, neck and shoulder conditions.

Requirements for Completion – Mat only

To become a fully qualified Balanced Body Mat Instructor, students must complete the following:

  • * Anatomy (strongly recommended)
  • * Balanced Body Movement Principles (16 hours)
  • * Balanced Body Mat 1 – Course work and module test (16 hours)
  • * Balanced Body Mat 2 – Course work and module test (16 hours)
  • * Balanced Body Mat 3 – Course work and module test (16 hours)
  • * 20 Mat personal sessions, 15 observation hours and 35 student teaching hours completed at a studio of your choice.
  • * Final written and practical test.

Total hours for completion of Mat program: 

134 hours.

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