Welcome to The (NEW) Pilates Workshop!

In need of some calm in your busy life? Need an hour away from the kids or office? Have you been looking for the perfect addition to your week?

Join us for 10 days of UNLIMITED Body Work classes for just $39.

Body Work classes include:

BODY WORK REFORM: Using only the Pilates reformer, these classes work through a range of exercises, moving the body in every direction possible, keeping you strong and mobile all over.

BODY WORK JUMP: Elevate your heart rate, work up a sweat and challenge your body and mind during these fun filled sessions. If you want to experience a more challenging side of Pilates, then this is the class for you!

BODY WORK CIRCUIT: These classes are suitable for people that are pain and injury free. In a fun, circuit style classes that use all the Pilates equipment, you will be sure to get a full body workout! A great class for those who have practiced a little Pilates before. 

BODY WORK MAMA: We run specific equipment classes for prenatal and postnatal mums that address the changes that occur in the body during and after pregnancy. Babies welcome!

BODY FLOW  MAT: These Group Classes take you through a full body workout that will leave you feeling strong and energised. Suitable for those without pain or injury, join us on the mat for what is always a very rewarding hour.

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