The Pelvic Curl

Hi everyone! We are very excited to welcome back our Blog this week with the first of what will be fortnightly installments of Pilates related information, know-how’s and exercises for you to try at home.

Our focus this week is the Pelvic Curl. A crucial exercise within
the Pilates Method, the pelvic curl will without a doubt be a regular in both the Grouppelvic-curl-anatomy Reformer and Private/Semi-Private classes you attend at our studio and others, and I suppose some of you may wonder why this is exercise is such a go-to in our programming.

The pelvic curl is a foundation
exercise, meaning it forms the basis for many other progressions and variations. It is the perfect warm up exercise as it develops body awareness and also brings the body into focus for the workout ahead.

With every pelvic curl, we are focusing mainly on the following:

  • Mobility and articulation of the spine
  • Pelvic-lumbar stablisation
  • Abdominal and hamstring activation and control

View Tam’s video demonstration below…


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Happy practicing everyone!



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