Client Spotlight

Real stories from our clients on their Pilates transformation

Kate - 33

When you started Pilates – 2005, at TPW 2016

Why you started Pilates? – Chronic back pain since I was about 17

Any benefits/changes in your body you have experienced since?

When I started pilates I was classified as a “floppy” all of my joints were loose and so my muscles and tendons tightened to compensate. That made the whole problem worse! Since starting pilates I have gone from being noted as “quite weak” to being able to hold my own when undertaking physical tasks around the house with my husband. I have now had 2 pregnancies with no complications (a feat my Osteopath has marvelled at more than once). I am able to perform well within my quite physical job with the strength and tuning of regular pilates and find the challenges posed to me each weak keeps my brain moving and motivation up!

Bec - 31

When you started Pilates  March 2016.

Why you started Pilates?

 I started Pilates after attending a trail running camp last year. A component of the camp was a Pilates session for attendees to try, and some other members were raving about how much regular Pilates practice had helped their running, so I decided I would give it a go at the camp. I found the class challenging but really fun so I sought out somewhere close to home so I could keep attending classes regularly. I was lucky enough to find Tamara and the team at The Pilates Workshop and have been attending classes two to three times a week ever since. 

Any benefits/changes in your body you have experienced since?

Pilates has had a wide range of holistic benefits for me. I have noticed significant improvements in my core strength, flexibility and posture, and I have been better able to maintain good form towards the end of long bike rides or runs. I am definitely leaner, have a greater awareness of my posture and have noticed that my body moves far better than it did twelve months ago. The other added benefits I have found are that I sleep extremely well and feel much calmer after an hour in the studio.      

Graeme - 44

When you started Pilates 6 years ago

Why you started Pilates? -Post back surgery

Any benefits/changes in your body you have experienced since?

I have noticed a significant improvement in back flexibility and general mobility, gluteal strength and leg strength. I have a better understanding of how my body should move and which muscles are needed to keep me moving and pain free.

Lisa - 41

When you started Pilates about 6 months ago

Why you started Pilates? – I had always enjoyed doing my Pilates DVDs at home and after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 I felt I needed to do something to restore strength and movement after several surgeries, chemo and radiation treatment. Pilates suits me as I’m not an especially active person, but it still challenges my body in a positive way.

Any benefits/changes in your body you have experienced since?

 I can feel that my strength is starting to return and I have a lot more control over my movement. My core strength in particular is much better and everything is starting to look and feel more toned.

Lesley - 58

When you started Pilates November 2016

Why you started Pilates?

I have suffered chronic back pain for the last 25 years and have tried a variety of treatments including physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathy, chinese medicine and  yoga. I also have regular remedial massages and have done for the past 25 years.

I attended a music festival in 2014 and after standing for possibly 12 hours listening to music I was in a large amount of pain and decided that I needed to get serious about my back. I started yoga and found that it helped and increased my flexibility but I still had back pain. My osteopath recommended Pilates and so I started late last year.

Any benefits/changes in your body you have experienced since?

I have noticed an immediate improvement and am suffering much less back pain. Previously I awoke numerous times during the night as I turned over in bed. Now I am sleeping better and do not wake up in pain and the improvement in my core strength is supporting my back and improving my stamina.

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say

Tried the new Friday night Mat class last night. Absolutely loved it!! Tam was delightful as always and made the class suitable for all levels – a great way to start the weekend! 
Another thing I love about The Pilates Workshop is that every other client I’ve met/shared a class with, has also been lovely. It really is a beautiful space with a friendly atmosphere! Thank you! – Kaylene R

I do post natal Pilates classes with Tamara and love it. Tamara ensures the exercises are specific to my needs. Highly recommend these classes to any pre natal and post natal ladies. Absolute bonus that I can take my little gremlin to class. – Tara Q

A great team who can personalize a program to meet your needs. If you have never tried Pilates – this is the team to talk to. Great for working with life’s little injuries… If you are already a Pilates convert – be ready to be impressed! – Lisa J

Amazing!! Great studio!
Highly recommended. Tamara is just fabulous at what she does. – Candice N

I love training with Tamara. She has a great ability to describe the movements and the shape your body needs to make to isolate particular muscles. I always feel like I am being pushed to do a better work out, try that little bit harder while having fun. – Luisa F

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