Exercise with Confidence.

Growing a baby is without a doubt, the most amazing thing our body can do, and with this comes immense changes to our physicality.

Exercising whilst pregnant and post delivery needs to be approached delicately, even if your body is used to high intensity training. 

Changes in balance, joint mobility and hormones are the focus of our Mama classes at The Pilates Workshop.

Our instructors are expertly trained in helping you prepare for delivery, manage change and stay strong during pregnancy. Postnatally, we help you reconnect with your body and work safely to regain strength.

Join our Mama classes

Wollongong – Tuesday 9:30am 

Shellharbour – Tuesday 9:30am 

Shellharbour – Thursday 9:30am

Shellharbour – Friday 9:30am

Babies welcome!

Be confident. be strong.

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