Body Flow Yin

BODY FLOW YIN is the perfect end to a hard week of work or chasing the kids. Yin yoga is a slower paced style of yoga with postures, orasanas, that are held for longer periods of time, allowing for the ultimate unwind.

The aim of Yin Yoga is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. It is a more meditative approach to Yoga that cultivates awareness, mind/body connection and inner silence (which we could all do with in our busy lives) This style of Yoga can be a real challenge to your mind, escaping your thoughts and enjoying some time to relax and be present in your movements without distraction.

Tried the new Friday night Mat class last night. Absolutely loved it!! Lani was delightful as always and made the class suitable for all levels – a great way to start the weekend! 
Another thing I love about The Pilates Workshop is that every other client I’ve met/shared a class with, has also been lovely. It really is a beautiful space with a friendly atmosphere! Thank you! – Kaylene R

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