Functional Fascia Training Workshop

BLACKROLL® is not just about massaging muscles.

BLACKROLL® enhances the health of our fascia by rolling the fascia (SMR) and with movement exercises to strengthen and balance muscles and joints (Functional Training). 

Both these activities encourage a healthier fascia that is smoother, more flexible, stronger, bouncier, hydrated and well supplied with essential nutrients.

Experience the BLACKROLL

Thursday 20th July – PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE!

5:30pm – 7pm

@ The Pilates Workshop

4/84 Princes Highway,

Fairy Meadow 2519

This workshop is for anyone that would like to increase general fitness, decrease pain and improve overall well being.

We will give you an overview on the importance of Fascia and it’s roll in our body. You will then experience movement, self-myofascial release and strength training exercises that can be done with the BLACKROLL products. This workshop helps you understand how BLACKROLL can be used as a tool for self care and maintenance, alleviating pain and tension in the body.


A range of products will be available on the night if you wish to continue to feel the benefits at home.

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