Body Work Mat

We offer two levels of BODY WORK MAT classes: Beginner and Athletic.

BEGINNER classes are for those who have never practiced Pilates before or wish to partake in a slower paced, more detailed mat work session. We teach the basics of muscle recruitment, pelvic position and breathing – all the foundation components that are so important in the Pilates method. You will still feel you have had a great workout (“beginner” does not mean “easy”!) we just give you more detail and more time to get things right.

Our ATHLETIC classes are suitable for individuals that want to take their Pilates practice to the next level. With a focus on improving sports performance, these sessions will address core strength, flexibility, stamina and balance.

Please see below for availability or visit our CLASS TIMES page for our current timetable.

See you on the mat!

Tried the new Friday night Mat class last night. Absolutely loved it!! Tam was delightful as always and made the class suitable for all levels – a great way to start the weekend! 
Another thing I love about The Pilates Workshop is that every other client I’ve met/shared a class with, has also been lovely. It really is a beautiful space with a friendly atmosphere! Thank you! – Kaylene R

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